“Mango Madness” – How to Stay Sane and Healthy When Moving to the Tropics



There’s simply so much to consider when moving to a new country that it’s almost certain each traveller will overlook some aspect of their new home. If your new backyard is the tropical paradise of Malaysia, then the environment itself can be that unforeseen obstacle to settling in. The heat and humidity experienced while living almost on the equator isn’t just physically uncomfortable; when not properly handled it can be a serious health risk and stress expats to the point of emotional breakdown – the “mango madness” phenomenon.

To avoid these negative effects, relocation experts and movers Allied Pickfords have collected a few native tips on how to handle Malaysia’s tropical heat:


Defend against dehydration

It might not seem intuitive in a climate with so much rain and wetness all around, but dehydration is a very serious and present concern in the tropics. If you are moving from a more temperate area you will find yourself constantly in a profuse sweat, at least until your body starts to adjust – but this can take weeks or months. Because you’re sweating so much, it’s important to keep drinking water, so have a drink bottle on you at all times.

You will also need to be stricter about your lifestyle, monitoring habits which contribute to dehydration. Strenuous exercise outdoors should be taken with much care, as should common but dehydrating drinks such as coffee and alcohol. Even eating heavy or greasy food can take an intense toll on your body when it’s already working hard to survive in these conditions. Take it easy for your first little while here, and try the local lifestyle.


Consider sleeping conditions

Jetlag is not the end of your sleeping troubles when moving to the tropics for the first time. Heavier bedding may not be your friend in the Malaysian climate – and not only because of the rapid deterioration it can experience when exposed to the hot, muggy air. Sweating all night can be avoided with lighter sleeping arrangements, but there is still the bigger threat of insects and pests. Keep the biters off of you with a chemically-treated insect net over your bed, and be sure to get some earplugs or comfortable headphones to block out their ambient noise. Expatriates who have neglected the second part of those precautions have reported the mosquito’s “bark” is even worse than its bite, with the constant drone making it impossible to get good shuteye.


So when you’re ready to make the move to Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price. www.alliedpickfords.com.my


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