“School Shopping” for International Schools in Malaysia



The business model of an international school is one which advertises itself on teaching a curriculum other than the standard one for its home country. They attract a clientele with many needs and many different reasons for desiring such a school, from needing to continue their children’s education during a short-term residence, to wanting a more friendly and recognisable school environment for them in their new country, to wanting them to receive what is often a superior education and an internationally-recognised accreditation.

But with hundreds of international schools doing business across Malaysia, offering schooling at all levels across many different curricula, it can be extremely difficult to identify which one will give your child (or yourself, for young travellers seeking international colleges) the right treatment. The moving specialists at Allied Pickfords have singled out a few key points you’ll want to check before making the decision to enrol:


Location: While the larger schools have multiple campuses scattered across Malaysia, most have single campuses located in regional centres or gated communities affiliated to the nation whose curriculum is offered there. Make sure you’ll be able to easily access the school before you commit to enrolment – you’d be surprised how many are excited to secure their place and forget this step.


Nationality: If you are an expatriate, continuing your child’s education at a school which advertises its alignment to your home nation is a great idea. Most international schools advertise their origins, with a great many from former or current Commonwealth nations such as the U.K., U.S. and Australia. This offers not only the chance to keep up the same curriculum should your family return home, but also is likely to place them in a friendly, familiar environment with other expats.


School level: International schools now cover expatriate children’s education from pre-school through to university, but each institution accommodates different stages of that journey. Depending on the duration of your stay, it could pay to ensure that your child won’t have to move schools after a year because their new prestigious college only covers ages 14-16.


Accreditation: Many international schools aim to project a high level of prestige and an elite aura, playing off the high perception of private schooling systems in Britain and Europe. They have elaborate crests and mottos and often offer international curriculums which are themselves highly credible. The best way to single out a high-quality school is look for certification from education assessors such as IPC and CIS, or even certain corporations such as Apple.

For more information on how to select an International School in Malaysia, call Allied Pickfords to speak to a relocation specialist.


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