3 Hipster Hangouts in Malaysia

Malaysia is a diverse country with lots to offer, so it’s not surprising that it’s increasingly becoming a top tourist destination. Both young and old travellers alike are drawn to the country by the dynamic and diverse cultures, the cuisine and the amazing arts scene.

Kuala Lumpur is already known as a remarkable city. There is a real buzz to the centre and some of the surrounding suburbs like Changkat and Brickfields are famous for nights out. But let’s not consider KL for now – it’s already a well-known gem. Instead, let’s look outside the capital at some of the less well-known jewels in Malaysia’s crown.

Ipoh – the hipster city

100 years ago, Ipoh was the wealthiest city in Malaysia thanks to its abundant mineral resources. The mining community moved on long ago, and now the hipsters and creatives have taken over. This beautiful old city is full of vibrant street art. Cool cafes, galleries and independent fashion boutiques intersperse the winding streets. The local council have been proactive in developing this creative community – they arrange cultural events and encourage artists to take studios in the city. Most of the hipsters can be found in a central block in the new town. Ipoh is 200km north of KL, and can be reached by the main train line to Penang.

A great hotel to stay in is the M Boutique hotel. It’s very central, and stylishly minimalist in design. For food, try Plan B café for some informal lunch, or at night, choose from the many street stalls offering fresh local cuisine. For drinks, try the fantastically-named Burps and Giggles on Jalan Sultan Yusuff.

Langkawi - the hipster island

There are many choices for a beach break in Thailand, and wherever you go, you’re pretty much guaranteed beautiful white sand, amazing weather and natural beauty. However, if you like your beach relaxation to be punctuated with cool cocktail bars and hip hotels, Langkawi is pretty much the best destination in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Langkawi really has it all: the beaches are amazing, there is a huge and diverse range of wildlife in the amazing Kilim Karst Geoforest national park, and it’s the best place to enjoy a cocktail by the sea. Many of the resorts offer beach bars, but there are still many independent beach shack bars, especially along the coast of Pantai Cenang. Little Lylia’s Chillout Café is a great example. Flaming lanterns light the seated area on the beach at sundown, and snacks like great satay chicken are available in addition to the excellent cocktails.

If you’re staying at Langkawi, avoid the big multi-national hotel chains that have started to appear. Instead, try a local independent resort like Malibest. The prices won’t break the bank, and you’ll be mixing with the young and hip, with the beach on your doorstep.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan – the secret hipster hideaway

Pantai Cahaya Bulan (or Moonlight Beach) in Kelantan, North East Malaysia isn’t even well known to most Malaysians. It’s a well-kept secret, but it’s worth getting to know because it has pristine beaches and is a mecca for watersports and kite flying. A few independent B&Bs have started to open on the beachfront, and there are a number of really excellent food stalls right on the beach, so you won’t need to pack a picnic. Get in the water, take a kite to the air in beautiful surroundings, or simply laze on the beach and watch the sun go down behind the trees. It’s a magical place. To top it off, the resorts often offer chalets and beach view bungalows at great prices.


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