5 Reasons People are Moving to Malaysia


To many people, the desire to relocate to another country may come well before they have any real idea of where else they would rather live. This leads to a phase when the potential foreigner is investigating countries to move to and eyeing up their new home. More and more, those people are settling on Malaysia as a place to make their first or second home, giving them a slice of comfort at the heart of Asia and access to many great financial and lifestyle opportunities.

Here are the 5 most important reasons which convince people to move to Malaysia:


It’s Easy

Nobody should underestimate how much more attractive a country is to live in when the persons moving feel as though they’re being invited. Malaysia has made a concerted effort to welcome the international community bearing gifts, and their policies offer much of what any expatriate can want. There is a very high fluency in English – not essential, but a comfort to many native and even second-language speakers. The “Malaysia My 2nd Home” visa programme is incredibly generous in the rights and opportunities it offers. The greased wheels spin freely on foreign immigration.


It’s Affordable

Equally as important as being easy, Malaysia gives people reason to believe they can really make a comfortable life there. Thanks to strong local agriculture, good food is abundant and cheap. Similarly, it is easy to fill up the car since the government subsidises fuel. Along with these basic costs of living, foreign luxury goods are available for a low cost, healthcare is affordable despite the continuing heavy funding pushing its quality to the forefront of international medicine, and even land is very accessible under generous foreign ownership laws.



As the last paragraphs hinted, the Malaysian government has taken many initiatives to make their country attractive to foreigners and generally advance the local quality of life. Another huge advancement is in the nation’s infrastructure, especially transport. Flights locally are short and extremely competitively priced, opening up its immediate neighbours and the rest of Asia to its residents. There is also a very good public transport system available to match that of many western nations.


A Variety of Lifestyles

Modern-day Malaysia has many faces, and foreigners can pick and choose which of these experiences they find most attractive. Kuala Lumpur is a capital of shopping and commerce, with cosmopolitan accommodation and nightlife. Simultaneously the low population density over many areas of the country means you can explore the lush landscape, or even buy a home there.


It’s Safe

Important to those moving with a family or even those alone, Malaysia is a stable country. Economically, politically and socially the country seems to be on a firm gentle rise, which is no small feat in a region – and globally, a negative atmosphere – which is very much the opposite.


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