6 Packing Tips from Malaysia's Best Packers and Movers


Packing and moving house in Malaysia is something you will do at least once in your lifetime. If you’ve moved more than once, you’ll already know that a successful move is more likely to occur if you plan with plenty of time up your sleeve. This way, your movers can adequately prepare for the moving date.

The team of packers and movers at Allied Pickfords in Malaysia offers various tips for the ease of movement and safety of goods under transport to improve your overall moving process.

1. Start Early

An early start is essential, since it allows you to avoid panic and any misplacement of goods, rather than waiting until the last minute before your removalists show up. Try to get going early in the day because it’s likely to be a long day and you’ll want to avoid traffic and find available parking at both locations.

2. Purge Before You Start Packing

Before packing your belongings into boxes, try to get rid of items you don’t need anymore or your family has grown out of. You can sell or donate items to reduce the overall weight of the goods. You don’t want to bring unwanted items with you into your new home as a new home is a fresh start and a chance to leave behind any rubbish.

3.  Label Everything and Keep Your Inventory Close-by on Moving Day

Whether moving across the street or across the globe, our Allied Pickfords packers and movers suggest you label all the goods to allow for efficient handling of essential items and fragile products. You should also keep an inventory of all your goods to ensure you know what was in transit.

4.  Reduce Bubble Wrap and Breakability

Moving of fragile goods, such as glassware, lamps and crockery, requires the use of bubble wrap, which can be expensive to buy. Talk to your Allied Pickfords movers about what packing materials they have available. Pack plates in an upright position, which reduces the space used to store them, and helps prevent breakages. Rather than using the bubble wrap, some people use clothes to wrap dishes.

5.  Take Pictures of Your Electrical Wiring

One of the major tips that the packers and movers offer is to take pictures of the back of your television and entertainment equipment. You can also label the wires, then use either a rubber band or sticky tape to hold the cables together and reduce the tangling of the cables during movement. This way, at your new address you can plug in electronics using the correct cables and you’re good to go.

6.  Pack Items in What You Have

Packers and movers suggest that instead of buying boxes, you can use items such as empty cabinets and drawers. The use of these items reduces the money used to buy the boxes and reduces the general space used for the purchase of the goods. The cabinets are often stronger than cardboard boxes and help increase the chances of an efficient move.

Though moving is a stressful process, our packers and movers in Malaysia offer easy tips for a seamless move. When you follow the Allied Pickfords movers tips, you limit any precious time-wasting on moving day.