Do Moving Companies Pack for You?


It does not matter if you are moving to a new neighbourhood, interstate or even to another country, moving house can be one of the most stressful events of your life. To offset much of the stress, it is common to hire a Malaysian removals company to transport your boxes and furniture to your new home and, if necessary, organise shipping and customs paperwork for your belongings. While those services are very common, people are more often realising that the packing aspect of moving can incur weeks of unnecessary anxiety and effort.

Not all moving companies offer both movers and packers, but Allied Pickfords provides professional services for both. We have a huge range of services, including but not limited to packing all of your belongings. There is a long list of benefits for you if you want to hire us to pack your valuables before they are transported.

The Benefits of Having Removals Companies Pack for You:

Save Time and Stress

Closer to your moving date, you will find you do not have enough time to complete everything you need to do so it’s best to start your move ‘to do’ list well ahead of time. With everyday bureaucracy, work and family commitments, as well as informing organisations such as banks and government agencies of your move, time comes at a premium. The Allied Pickford team can save you weeks of work and help you complete a job that even the most organised person will find it easy to postpone. Movers and packers will come into your home close to moving day and sweep through your home packing everything you have not earmarked to leave out of the truck for now. You are then free to spend valuable time with friends and family before the big day comes.

Have Your Valuables Packed Properly

When packing for yourselves, you may become complacent. It’s possible not to use enough packing material or to use the wrong type of packaging. When hiring movers and packers from Allied Pickfords to do the work for you, our low insurance premiums rely on your items arriving to their destination in the same state in which they were packaged. Any damage affects our bottom line. If you have your friends and family pack your valuables, will they put the same level of effort into ensuring your items remain scratch or dent-free? Professional packers have all the right tools, high-quality packing materials and no restrictions with the amount of packaging required to keep your belongings in one piece.

Contacting Allied Pickfords

If you are interested in using our movers and packers, you can call the team at Allied Pickfords on (60)3-6253 6553, or use the form on the Contact Us page of our website. Allied Pickfords Malaysia also offers a wide range of relocation services, including local and international, domestic and commercial moving services. We will help you go wherever you need to go.