Hit The Ground Running: 3 Easy Steps For Settling Into Your New City


Moving to another city, let alone another country, is always a jarring and disorienting experience. Even if your move is a long-awaited goal or the doorway to a huge opportunity, the physical, mundane realities of having to adjust to a new home far away from your previous routine, contacts and activities. Discomfort and demoralization are almost inevitable, and it will always take a little while to feel like you’re up and running again. In the meantime, though, here are some words of wisdom on how to bounce back from the move faster and make the most of that new playground:

Go For A Walk

It might seem impossible to find the time amidst the chaos of the recent move, but as soon as you can find a moment or if you need a break we recommend going for a walk around your new city. Try to focus on your environment; the people, the architecture, the layout. Learning about the city, its feel and the locations of what will be your key services or landmarks is essential to getting past that feeling of being lost. Even if it’s hard now, you’re making things later a lot easier on yourself.

Anchor Yourself

This is step two, after you have some idea what’s around your new home. To help you feel more connected to the city, build up a new routine and friends, and give your life some structure again, you need to be open to the potential of new things around you. You don’t need to say “Yes!” to every opportunity, but you do need to consider it your default answer even if a tired, awkward part of you wants to turn down the strange and new.

Find a bar near your house which you enjoy drinking at; similarly, find some new favorite restaurants or fast food places. If you exercise regularly, pin down your new park, gym or pool. Once you have places you feel connected to outside of just your home, just stay on the lookout for people there you can talk to; some of these connections will become your first real friends here, and some will just make your day a little brighter with human interaction.

Be Realistic About Your Emotions

With all that you invest into a big move, many people feel an intense emotional pressure to make that move “a success” somehow. At the same time, there are so many difficult or just new and strange things happening to you for the first year in a new city that it’s almost impossible to not feel negative about it at some point. When you find yourself feeling this way, don’t double down by getting mad at yourself or assume that you’ve ruined your move. Handle the bad night the same as you would at home; a bottle of liquor, a nice meal, or a new series on Netflix.


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