Home Away From Home: Cities With Great Malaysian Expat Communities


Moving away from your home country to live on foreign soil is an intimidating prospect for many. Not only are you embarking on a new chapter in life, far from what you have known and built, but there are so many small tasks and responsibilities which must be addressed in order to make your relocation successful.

There’s the often-massive task of packing up your life in Malaysia, rounding up your belongings and putting your affairs in order before you leave our shores. Even if you can arrange to have that handled by a professional moving firm such as Allied Pickfords, you’re still going to need all the help you can get once you start getting settled in at your new home.

Our National Bond Is Stronger Abroad

One of the best sources for that help are the vibrant and friendly communities of expatriate Malaysians found in many foreign cities. Eager to help each other out and sympathetic to the particular emotional ride that relocating from Malaysia can bring, a good expat community is an invaluable source of friendship, advice, and aid. If you’re considering an overseas move, look into the following foreign cities with thriving Malaysian communities.


Australia’s “Cultural Capital” and for much of the last decade ranked “The World’s Most Liveable City”, Melbourne is a city with a lot going in its favor already, a center for sporting events, live music, food culture, and education. Local Malaysian groups organize tours showcasing musical acts from home, share word of businesses or events celebrating Malaysian culture, and discuss events at home. There is a leaning towards youth culture, perhaps due to the local universities drawing Malaysian students.


Toronto, and Canada in general, are an attractive destination to Malaysians, especially senior professionals. The country is stable and prosperous, with a very generous public service and a positive outlook on multiculturalism. Toronto has a high rate of growth, which keeps the job market open, however, the cost of living Is double that of Kuala Lumpur, making the move more difficult for younger people and lower income workers.


Another nearby capital which places reliably highly in liveability rankings, Auckland has a range of benefits for individuals or families. New Zealand has generous public healthcare for permanent residents or those on long-term work visas. The expatriate community there is boosted by the Auckland Malaysian Society, an incorporated public group which organises cultural festivals and distributes a regular newsletter to keep expats in the loop.

Honorable mentions go to Sydney, Christchurch, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bandar Seri Begawan. To get help with the busy work of moving to any of these cities, get in touch with the relocation professionals at Allied Pickfords.


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