How Long Does it Take to Move From Malaysia to Singapore?

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Singapore is a city state full of exciting work opportunities, vibrant entertainment centres, natural beauty and fantastic food. If you are moving from Malaysia to Singapore and are worried about how long the process will take, there are some important aspects to consider. Moving between two different states can take time and some bureaucracy to manoeuvre, but the experienced team from Allied Pickfords international movers in Malaysia can help smooth the way for you.

Planning Ahead

One of your first tasks is to determine whether you can move easily to Singapore. There are a number of different visas available, depending on your reason for moving and your what type of job you have. There are special visas that are particular for managers, executives, entrepreneurs, skilled and semi-skilled staff. Wading through the paperwork for these documents can be time-consuming and that is why we at Allied Pickfords can help you. We offer relocation services, including visa applications through our parent company, SIRVA. With our professional help, you can focus on preparing for your move with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

You will also need to plan your move to Singapore as early as possible. You will need to get an estimate for your move, so you can budget. Therefore, you’ll need to book our services as soon as you have set a move date or a visa start date. You may find our movers’ availability is going to be less open closer to the date of your move and we may not have time to prepare your customs paperwork. This is why we strongly suggest booking a date between at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

Choosing somewhere to live in Singapore may seem daunting. However, finding a property to rent or having your company find a suitable home for you will help save time. With an address you will find opening bank accounts, finding school placements for your children and preparing visas and customs paperwork a little simpler.

Your Moving Day

We will come to your home on the day of the move and pack your belongings, then we’ll load your possessions onto our vehicles. Packing your belongings should take no longer than a day or two and, if possible, we will not pack the items you need that evening until the day of the move. The transport times will depend upon whereabouts in Malaysia you are based. The move from Kuala Lumpur will obviously be shorter than those moving from Penang, but longer than those in Malacca. While moving from Malaysia to Singapore should not, in theory, take too long, there is always the possibility of long waits at the border or in customs. A final day of unloading and unpacking may be necessary.

Making the Move More Streamlined

We can handle many of the burdens of an international move, from visas, removals, pet relocation, vehicle relocation and even storage if there is a gap between the end of your tenancy and the start of your new contract. If you are looking to make moving from Malaysia to Singapore a less stressful experience and require an estimate for your removals, contact Allied Pickfords via our website or call us on (60) 3-6253 6553.