How to Choose the Right Moving Company for You


When considering a moving company to facilitate your move overseas, or across Malaysia, cost is not the only concern. 

After all, what if you get there, ready to start at your new life, only to find your precious cargo held up in transit?  Considering the stress and inconvenience of this possibility, the lowest shipping rate should not be your sole deciding factor. 

Determining Factors of the Right Moving Company

When hiring a moving company, these are the most important factors to consider:

  • Destination — It’s important that the company is experienced in the route you’re planning and have their own offices at both origin and destination.
  • The kind of goods to be shipped, e.g. furniture, appliances, a car or even a pet — and how much room they take up
  • Service level — a very important factor 
  • Budget — still a priority 
  • Length of transit time
  • Insurance — in case things go wrong 

An important factor to look out for when getting quotes from moving companies is the service level.  Do they charge extra for pick-up at your door, or is it a true door-to-door service? Is protective packing and unpacking included?  Exactly what charges are included? If moving via sea, are any port charges included — also called 'destination terminal handling' charges? Is there a credit card or other banking surcharge?  

There can be many types of ‘hidden fees’, especially if the company is just trying to provide the 'cheapest' quote.  Add up all those hidden fees or extra charges when you’re assessing your quotes, to get a true picture. The actual volume of your cargo might also affect your final price, so check with the provider what happens if the volume of packed cargo is more than originally quoted for — how much will you pay then?

Finally, check what kind of insurance is available — is this included or will this be extra? When shipping your worldly goods, this is so important. An heirloom or antique is irreplaceable, so it's best not to take any chances. 

For those who have yet to secure accommodation at your destination, question the moving company on whether you can access temporary storage (i.e. a warehouse) for your goods. Many moving companies include temporary storage in the quote but always check to be sure, and see how long your goods can be stored for.  It is also important that your moving company can provide you with air-conditioned storage for your precious items, to avoid any atmospheric damage.

Other Important Factors

If you can’t be sure that the moving company will provide you with an up-to-the-minute check on the status of your move, and you’re moving a long distance, then it might not be worth the worry to pick them. 

Does the moving company have a personal move co-ordinator to ensure the logistics of your move go smoothly — a single point of contact for you?  It can be frustrating to call several times, and no-one is able to explain progress in plain language. A move coordinator will make your move as stress-free as possible, even referring you to other relocation services if you need them. 

Most importantly, ensure that your chosen moving company has global accreditation and membership from organisations such as FIDI, FAIM, IAM. This gives you piece of mind that the company is recognised throughout the world as a reputable mover.

So, when assessing moving companies in Malaysia, always check the fine print and add up the full cost yourself. You never know what you might miss if you don’t. 

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