How To Make Successful Moves In The Peak Moving Season


As we enter the busy summer season in the southern hemisphere once more, businesses looking to relocate workers are going to be sweating in more ways than one. Moving your employees can be incredibly stressful even at the best of times but there’s something about the holiday period which puts a unique pressure on all involved. While there are good reasons to move over summer, the sheer number of businesses trying to do the same mean related services are booked out and employees being less available than usual makes things hard to communicate.

In this chaotic environment, it becomes even more important for everybody involved in the relocation process to work together for success. Securing the help of a professional relocation firm such as Allied can make your life much easier, but as mentioned that won’t always be possible around this time. Failing that, preparation can help to keep your relocation on-schedule and your employees satisfied throughout.

Here Are Five Ways You Can Help Your Employees For Their Peak Season Move:

Send The Authorizations As Soon As Possible

Although a 4-week minimum is standard for most industries, in this peak season we recommend a 6 to 8 week lead time for employees wishing to do their household goods move between November and February. This ensures these workers have ample time to determine any specific needs they have and secure their requested dates. The longer lead time you offer them, the better chance they have of meeting their desired moving dates and keeping your overall relocation plans on-time and on-budget.

Encourage Your Employees To Schedule Their In-Home Survey As Soon As Possible

Employees should be scheduling their in-home survey immediately after receiving their authorization, regardless of what their expected move date is.  This gives the necessary information a chance to be ready to go in the event their dates change, and thus for their employees to have a better chance of making those new dates.

Manage Your Employees Expectations

Be honest with employees who are relocating in the summer about the realities of this busy period. For example, even small shipments may have a longer transit time wider delivery; auto transit times are typically higher during the peak season as well.

Encourage Employees To Eliminate Unneeded Or Unwanted Items 

A relocation is a great time to throw out or donate items which are rarely used. This could simplify the move, reduce moving costs and leave you more space in your new location.  Sometimes donated items could be a tax deduction. Many professional movers, including Allied Pickfords, provide programs which will assist your team with this process.

Add Alternative Small Shipment Methods To Your Relocation Policies

Full-service methods, including container-like solutions and DIY options such as SmartBox give your employees more choices when making smaller shipments and can easily be integrated with your existing policy.

So when you’re ready to make the move to Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.


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