How to Meet New People in Malaysia


Malaysia is a cultural melting pot of many different ethnic groups, with a cultural adherence to original indigenous groups, and national policy to preserve its culture. It’s generally well regarded by Malaysians that both natives and foreign nationals meet up socially in interest groups, hobbies and activity based clubs, as opposed to a social nightlife outside of work.

To fully assimilate into the culture, it’s best to stay in circles where activities are less controversial. Your associations are incredibly important to thrive in Malaysian society – it’s always good to meet new people and network with respectable professionals within your industry.  


Impact Hub -  a Community of Forward Thinking People

When you want to increase your social circle, seeking out like-minded people while combining business and personal interest can create new professional opportunities. Impact Hub allows you to meet other professionals and open doors to both social and business opportunities. Events such as the Social Good summit, and other programmes such as Booking Accelerator, help professionals and entrepreneurs alike create wealth and form connections, while improving community and society wellbeing.


Malaysia Meetup

For those who want to meet new friends and associates who have common interests in a more relaxed environment, Malaysia Meetup offers a variety of different interest groups in a variety of geographic locations. For example, on the Kuala Lumpur meetup site, there are a variety of groups ranging from outdoor fitness, language and culture, to technology interest groups. Surely, there’s no lack of opportunities to find people with similar interests to have an enjoyable time.


Night Life

For foreign expats looking to unwind, there are still some very good bars and nightclubs in Malaysia. Being a predominantly Muslim country, prices of alcohol are taxed quite heavily to discourage drinking. Generally, such haunts are frequented by the expat community, for a night of music and socialising. Popular bars include Zouk Club, Kuala Lumpur, Hilton Executive Lounge and Ice Cream Bar.


Malaysia is a beautiful country with a rich social history. Locals are creative, warm and welcoming. That said, it’s good to be aware that the social community in Malaysia is relatively conservative, compared to Western culture. Keeping this in mind is particularly useful, especially if you are mixing in business circles and not merely a tourist. Conduct yourself in a friendly and open manner, engage in ways that are for you enjoyable and respectful towards others, and you will find others drawn to you. That’s the key to a rewarding social life in Malaysia.


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