How to Prepare for Relocation Around the World



Moving house is always one of the most formative moments in our lives, representing a significant change and new challenges ahead. When that move we’re making is an international one, let alone a country we’ve never spent little more than a few days in, the scale of change can be incredibly intimidating. How can you prepare for having to leave behind family, friends, and sometimes even your job, to move to a new world where you have to re-establish even the basics of your life in a strange new environment? Despite the enormity of the task, there are some sure-fire steps to prepare; international moving experts at Allied Pickfords have explained a few of them for you here:


Start early

Experienced movers will say they begin thinking about a big shift such as this at least 6 months before they have a date to fly, and sometimes over a year before. You might feel silly trying to work out how to pack your belongings so far in advance – a lot can happen in 6 months to affect those plans, after all. But so much will be demanding your attention close to the date that anything you can do now to reduce the load is a huge help. Thinking about packing and moving early will also help you to start processing the reality that yes, soon you will leave your home behind for a new world.


Scope out your destination in advance

Moving is already quite taxing on the schedule and finances even if you delegate the heavy work to a moving specialist like Allied Pickfords, so not all international movers will be able to swing this one. But if you can manage it, a one- to two-week trip to stay in your new country, near to where you’ll be living, will help to get the culture shock out of the way before the big move. Remember to try and avoid a pure tourist trip in favour of more mundane pleasures, like finding restaurants to eat at or checking out local parks.


Get in touch with fellow expats

Integrating into your new country’s broader society will inevitably take time, more so if there are major language and culture barriers to overcome. In the meantime, you can avoid loneliness by reaching out to expatriate communities in your new city and online, to trade advice and discuss your shared experiences. Expatriate groups specific to your homeland are great for working out how to access favourite touches from your homeland (sports broadcasts, signature foods or brands), while you’ll find the broader expat community is almost a nation unto itself, full of camaraderie for those others like yourself who have braved the challenges of international relocation.


So when you’re ready to make the move to Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.


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