Move Interrupted: The Dangers of Delays, and How to Avoid Them


For many, moving overseas to Malaysia seems like a big adventure. Whether you’re relocating for work, to give your family a better lifestyle, or just as a sea-change, a new country offers a bright new future, and the sense of change and transition can build up hopeful expectations. What’s important though, is keeping at least one foot on the ground while getting ready to make your move, because delays and complications can strike from nowhere and set you back days, weeks, or months. Allied Pickfords are the international moving experts and have dealt with many such complications in our time. Here is our 5-minute guide on how to minimise your risks, and get through any issues which arise:


Prevention is the best medicine

Obviously, this is not always possible, but doing what you can to eliminate big risk factors is the best way to deal with the nastier pitfalls of moving; make sure they never arise! Keeping up strong communication with all parties involved in the move is vital, since the vast majority of delays are as simple as one actor doing something on moving day that another didn’t expect. An experienced and professional mover helps here; their practices are better, they are more accountable and can call in backup if things go wrong.

You should also try to have things shored up on the legal side of things too. Make sure your rights to the new place are ironclad before moving so you aren’t suddenly homeless in a new country. Have the place inspected before the move to determine its condition is liveable. Ensure all work permits and visas are prearranged. If possible, make sure your insurance is in place to cover you in case any damage is sustained in the move itself.


Don’t expect to get settled in same day

Moving delays come in so many different kinds that it’s impossible to provide solutions for each. The most you can do in many cases is minimise your exposure so you can get on with life while waiting for the repairs/lost goods/legal quagmire to clear up.

Make sure your living essentials are with you when you arrive or are otherwise priority shipped separate to your main move – if you’re treating it like a weekend away, you’ll probably be able to scrape by even if something goes wrong. Making sure accounts and credit cards have been set up for use in Malaysia is a great idea, but have some cash on hand as well. Travel insurance makes for a great catch-all last defense.


If you have any concerns about your upcoming move, don’t hesitate to contact your local Allied Pickfords office.



So when you’re ready to make the move to Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.


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