Moving in Kuala Lumpur? Make Sure You Choose a Professional

Packing boxes

If you’ve been looking for a larger property for a growing family and have found your dream home in a great neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll need an accredited removalist. Perhaps you’re empty-nesters and you’re downsizing to a luxury modern high-rise. Either way, you’ll need a relocation expert to get your belongings from where they are now to your new abode. Moving house often requires weeks of preparation, but things are likely to go more smoothly if you have a knowledgeable team by your side, such as the qualified movers at Allied Pickfords. Here are a few reasons to hire our professional removalists when moving in KL.
Stress, Be Gone!

Your removalists won’t be able to do everything for you but they will definitely give you more time to focus on other tasks. For security and privacy purposes, you and only you will need to contact your service providers and utilities companies to relocate your accounts. Because you’re moving locally within Malaysia you will have plenty of time to let friends and family know your new address. If you can’t get time off work to deal with your move, you may find that weekdays offer a cheaper rate than that of weekends. There may be more parking available as streets may be quieter when people are at work.

What to Leave Behind

Even if you have not been living in Kuala Lumpur for a long time, you may be surprised at the number of items you can accumulate in just a few years. Decluttering is the key ingredient of a good moving mix. Sorting through your possessions and clearing out your home will work in your favour and help reduce the cost of a professional moving service. If your budget has you looking at moving on your own, think about the mental anguish and physical exhaustion of packing everything up and doing it all yourselves. Is it really worth it? 

Donate, sell or give away anything you no longer need or items you don’t want to take with you. After all, there is no point paying for things to be taken to your new place if you end up throwing them away. Once you have reduced the number of belongings that are coming with you, the team at Allied Pickfords can supply you with a quote for moving in KL. 

Packing Made Easy

Let’s face it, packing is one of the most time-consuming and boring parts of your moving job and it’s likely you’ll find plenty of excuses to keep putting it off. If you don’t know where to start, your team of Kuala Lumpur removalists can also handle this for you when moving in KL. They will pack everything efficiently and with the proper materials to help prevent any damage during transit. Allied Pickfords also offers moving insurance in the unlikely event of damage or loss of your valuables. They can also unpack for you when they reach your destination. Although you will need to pay extra for these services, they can be worth it – especially if it means less stress for your family. Imagine waking up on moving day, going out for breakfast then walking into your new home without having to lift a finger. That is moving bliss!

If you’re looking for a more seamless move in KL, contact Allied Pickfords. Our removalists are vastly experienced and will put your needs and satisfaction first. 


So when you’re ready to make the move to or from Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.