Moving Last Minute? Here's How We Can Help.


Sometimes, we don’t always get to control when we need to move. Whether because of work, or a family emergency, we sometimes have to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice. Such a situation is immensely stressful on the best of days, let alone if you’re forced to move internationally. Whether you’re moving to, or from Malaysia, here are a few handy tips Allied Pickfords have which you may find beneficial.  

Donate It, Sell It, Recycle It, Or Toss It

It can be hard to part with possessions and decide which items are more important than others, but if you don’t get ruthless, your move is likely to be costly. Go through everything in your home and begin sorting items into the keep pile, and put the rest into the discard pile. How you intend to discard your items is up to you, but if you are able to donate them to charities in need of furniture or clothing, then this should be your first option.

If you are unaware of any charities looking to take what you’re trying to dispose of, your next choice would be to sell it all. Placing ads online doesn’t take long and if you list them with a low asking price, they will go remarkably quickly, whilst providing you with a bit of extra play money to add to your moving budget. As for everything else? If you can’t sell it, then it may be time to think about getting out the garbage bags and disposing of your excess belongings.

Allow A Malaysian Based Moving Consultant To Work Their Magic

If you thought you could co-ordinate a last minute move AND do everything yourself to cut costs, you can’t. If you intend on meeting your move time-frame, then you simply must enlist the services of a professional moving company to help you plan and implement your move out of the country. A moving consultant from Allied Pickfords will be able to estimate the type of moving package you require, whilst providing you with an accurate quote of what you can expect to pay.

Allied Pickfords Will Keep To Your Deadline

With years of experience assisting homes and businesses move from all over the globe, our professional movers can have you packed up and ready to go within a single day. Don’t attempt to tackle such a monumental move on your own, allow Allied Pickfords to take care of everything.   

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