Preparing Your Children to Move From Malaysia

Your children will often be at the heart of every decision you make. An international move from Malaysia can open many doors for them and introduce your kids to other cultures and ways of life. If you have decided to relocate from Malaysia, you will have plenty to prepare for. One of the first tasks will be to break the news to your children and provide them with plenty of support.

Don’t Exclude Them

Your child will likely be upset by the news of leaving their current home in Malaysia. This is understandable and perfectly natural even if you’re only planning a move around the corner because children, especially younger ones, thrive on their familiar routines. Be clear about your plans and the reasons for the move. Children respond well to honesty and they will appreciate knowing why this move brings positive opportunities for them. Reassure them that you would like them to take part in every aspect of the move and they can talk to you about any concerns they might have.

Get Them Excited

Everyone likes having something to look forward to and this is even more important for a child whose life is going to be disrupted. Obtain reading or audio-visual material about the country where you will be living. There are some wonderful books written for children on the subject of moving, consider purchasing  a book or two that will visually explain moving to them, making the move fun.

If you are moving from Malaysia to your home country, help them write a list of their favourite places there. Together, you can plan some visits when you return.

Give Them Tasks

Ask your child to make a list of the most important items they wish to take with them to make sure nothing is left behind in Malaysia. They should divide their belongings into two piles: items to give away and items to pack. If your child is old enough, they can help with the rest of the packing.

Help Them Stay in Touch

Saying goodbye to favourite friends is always hard; luckily, nowadays it’s easy to stay in touch. If your child is not old enough to use social media or other messaging platforms, talk to their friends’ parents. Exchange contact details and set up long-distance “play dates” via a video chat channels such as Skype to help your child adapt.

Hit the Ground Running

Your child will need to go back to a routine after your relocation from Malaysia. If your child loves sport or has a favourite hobby, make sure you research the local options available. This is also a great way for your kids to engage with other children their own age and gives them the chance to make new friends. Let them relax into their new surroundings; don’t push them, and be understanding if they start missing Malaysia. This will be a big change and they need to know that their feelings are not being ignored.

Allied Pickfords will be there to take the stress off your international move from Malaysia to give you more time to focus your energy on your children.


So when you’re ready to make the move to or from Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.


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