Relocating Internationally on Your Own Dollar

Malaysia is a fantastic country full of life with a vibrant culture that often charms its visitors. This fascinating country has opened its doors to many expats and many others are following suit. If your next adventure is to Malaysia, here are a few things to consider to keep your finances under control without sacrificing your dreams.

Arrange Transport

Take care of visas and all the paperwork with time to spare. Once that is ready, you will have the freedom to look for flights and make all the necessary arrangements for your move. Start looking for flights months in advance to find the best deals and compare costs across different airlines. Visit It might be tempting to try to buy last-minute flights in the hopes you may come across a bargain, but that can be very risky. When it comes to an international relocation, certainty is invaluable.

Save on Accommodation

Look online for all types of rental options. If you are relocating to Malaysia with your family, your options will be more limited. You won’t be able to sacrifice space but perhaps you can choose an area that is more affordable. If you are travelling solo, you can be far more flexible. Many young professionals often look for housemates to reduce their costs. This might not be ideal in the long-term, but it can be a comfortable option while you look for something better. Plus, it gives you a great opportunity to socialise with locals right away.

Make Shipping Easy

Shipping your belongings to your new home is one of the biggest tasks at hand. Start by narrowing down the items you will take with you. If you want to get some extra money to finance your move, you can sell anything you want to leave behind. Use social media or well-known trade sites to offers your goods. You can also have a garage or car boot sale. Once you have reduced the quantity of items, get in touch with Allied Pickfords to obtain a quote. We will make sure your belongings make it to their Malaysian, or any other, destination safely.

Talk to People

They say there are six degrees of separation between every person in the world. Talk to people about your move and chances are you are connected to someone who already lives in Malaysia or who has visited this culturally rich and beautiful location. You will be surprised by how helpful people can be. An acquaintance could help you by giving you information about the best neighbourhoods to live in Kuala Lumpur or the best beaches on Redang Island to get away for a weekend visit. They may even know the best budget hotels if they’re expats as well. They can also give you a clear idea of how much money you are likely to need to cover your expenses. Best of all, there will be a friendly face ready to show you around.

Contact Allied Pickfords international movers for the best value relocations to get your belongings there safely.

So when you’re ready to make the move to or from Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.


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