Settling into Your New Home in Malaysia



Making the move to a new country is always a daunting prospect, but there are a few definite steps you can take to make your first few months in a fresh environment a little bit less intimidating. Malaysia is a colourful, vibrant country with a rich history and a diverse population. If you’re looking to settle in the right way, read on and pick up a few ideas to employ when you touch down. 

Make your house a home

While it can be tempting to focus on the practical things and leave the sentimental things until last, your home is likely to feel quite cluttered and unappealing until then. Even if it’s only in a certain room like the lounge, your private study or your bedroom, take the time to unpack the little things like mementos, family photographs, candles and more, ensuring there’s always somewhere you can retreat to. If you have specific interests like cooking, exercising or reading, make the corresponding room a priority, so you can dive right back into the hobbies and activities that give your life meaning.

Cultivate new relationships…

Start building connections to your new community as soon as you finish unpacking. Whether it’s through work or outside of it, finding like-minded people in a new part of the world can help you to feel less isolated immediately, and can help you find ways to spend your time. Malaysia is home to a huge number of expat communities, so there will always be people with similar life trajectories in your local area, but don’t limit yourself here. Make sure you’re connecting with the locals who understand your new home better than anyone else.

…but don’t let your old ones fall by the wayside

That said, don’t make getting on a plane the last your friends back home ever see of you. Thanks to the internet, there are dozens of ways you can stay up to date with all the news back home. Make a weekly Skype date with your best friend, or create a group chat with all your old work mates so you can keep up with the gossip.

Find ways to occupy yourself

The number one thing to do is ensure that you’re having new experiences. Whether you’re throwing yourself straight into your new role at work or ticking off all the touristy things to do in your city, keeping yourself active is essential to settling in the right way. This doesn’t mean leaving no time for reflection, but it does mean pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every day. 



So when you’re ready to make the move to Malaysia, come to Allied Pickfords and we’ll get your belongings there safely, on time and at an affordable price.


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