Should You Tip in Malaysia And Other Common Questions

Malaysia is a welcoming multicultural country on the bookended by Thailand and Singapore. If you have decided to relocate here, obviously the best way to learn about the local customs is to immerse yourself in the Malay culture. However, if you’re apprehensive about offending the locals, then the Allied Pickfords moving team has put together some pointers to help you understand the local lay of the land.


Tipping is a hot topic in many countries and many foreigners wonder what to do in situations where they would normally leave a tip. In general terms, gratuities are not expected but it is welcomed. A tip is seen as a token of appreciation for excellent service. Most restaurants will charge a 10% service charge so, in a way, a gratuity is already included. You can still choose to tip your waiter or waitress as well as bar staff.

If you are staying in a hotel, you can also leave a gratuity to thank the person cleaning your room. The amount to tip really depends on you and how well you think the team did their job. Taxi drivers will also graciously accept a tip and rounding the fare up to the nearest dollar is common practice.  You’re not obliged to tip, but if you feel as though you’d like to the locals will graciously accept the money.


Malaysians are respectful people and they expect to receive the same kind of treatment. They will generally be punctual so do not keep anyone waiting. Consider, why is your time more valuable than theirs? Although they might ask personal questions, they do not like to speak directly. For instance, they might have trouble saying, “no” and instead say something like, “I will see what I can do”. If you find yourself in a confusing situation in which you do not know what the other person is trying to say, try asking another way using different phrasing. Remember that Malaysians will make an effort to ponder a question before answering. Taking your time to think about an answer is considered as a sign of respect. If you reply hastily, they might think you are being rude.

Above all, Malaysians do not respond well to aggressive behaviour. If something has made you angry, try to remain calm. Otherwise locals will become uncomfortable and the situation will not be resolved as you expect. In some situations, a person may give in to a nervous laugh so do not take that as a sign of rudeness. Instead, try to consider the situation and work out why the other person may be feeling uneasy.

In general, you can expect Malaysians to be friendly and welcoming, regardless of their race or beliefs.

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