Three Things People Forget During A Move


Ensure your move is as smooth as can be. When uprooting your entire life and transporting it to a new country, there are so many chances to leave behind crucial items or neglect to do crucial things. This forgetfulness can often be painless, but can frequently create days of extra work for you and your family. To help you plan for your next move, we have put together this short article highlighting a few things to keep in mind in the run up to the big day. Read on and be better prepared for your new life in a new country.

Label your boxes

This goes beyond scribbling ‘BATHROOM’ on the flaps. Ideally, you want to be able to instantly tell which room any box is going to when looking at it from any side. The easiest way to do this is to buy colour-coded boxes or to invest in coloured tape or wrap so even if you can only see a corner of a box, you know where it has to go. This can also help the movers pack your load more efficiently, keeping all the related items together and making it easy to divide work upon arrival.

Collect your records

A common thing that many people forget to do is to collect their personal and medical records before departure. This is something that can really affect your quality of life in a new country, as you’ll have to either wait weeks to have the records shipped from overseas or start from a blank record in your new home. Start collecting all family health records from your general practitioner, specialists, pharmacy and even your veterinarian about eight weeks before departure. Keep these records safe until you settle on a new healthcare provider, then ensure they are delivered as quickly as possible. It’s also important to collect your children’s school records. While some jurisdictions might not require them, many do to assess student’s suitability for advanced programs. If not, they are simply a valuable addition to your documented family history.

Keep your essentials together

On your first night in your new home, you’re highly unlikely to have had the necessary time and energy to unpack a significant portion of your boxes. Instead of rummaging around for everything as you go along, take notes of what you use each day in the week before the move, and ensure that each and every one of these items is in its own essentials box for moving day. These can include pyjamas, blankets, a kettle, crockery, your computer, really anything that you would need on a daily basis.

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