Which countries in Asia would you need a Visa for?


When visiting or moving to Asia, whether you need a Visa depends entirely on which country you’re from. There are different categories of Visas - and with regulations changing every few years, it pays to stay updated. So, be sure to make enquiries and prepare all suitable arrangements before embarking on your trip.

In Indonesia, a 30-day tourist visa costs USD $35. Visitors from some countries, like Singapore, Thailand and Philippines, are exempt from this charge. If you’re unsure whether you require a visa, it would be wise to check on your country’s requirements. Another point to note when making payment for the Visa is that you need to have US currency with you, as there are no financial outlets within the customs area. Being without a Visa after a certain amount of time can land you in jail, so ensure that you comply with all requirements when staying in the country.

Singapore and Malaysia
As with most countries within the region, Visa requirements for Singapore and Malaysia vary depending on your nationality. What is certain is that you’ll need proof of travel going out of the country.

 In Singapore’s case, you’ll also need to show that you’ll have plenty of money to support yourself financially while in its borders. Additionally, your passport needs to be valid for at least six months past your stay. Citizens from North Africa and certain middle eastern countries will need to apply for a visa to stay in Singapore.

 Malaysia on the other hand, has a simpler process for visitors. Most foreign nationals (particularly those from North America and Europe) can stay in the country for up to 90 days without a formal visa. That said, it’s always good to check before your trip to Malaysia.

Vietnam has very strict border controls, and citizens of most countries are required to have a visa prior to entering the country. The visa invitation letter can be applied online prior to departure. Upon arrival, present the letter, pay a fee of around USD$70, and you’ll be on your way with the approved Visa in hand.

Cambodia and Thailand
Cambodia has a simple, straightforward e-visa facility, where visas can be applied online prior to entering the country. It’s worthy to note that Thailand has better border processing via air, as land entry can be convoluted, expensive and filled with more red tape.

China and Japan
Most visitors to China will require a visa, and should apply for one via a visa processing centre approximately one month prior to departure. There are several different visa classes, so attending a processing centre with enough time prior will ensure that bureaucratic hassles are minimised. Japan also requires visitors to apply for a visa and these should be applied prior to departure.

For all types of travel, it’s best to ensure that all legal requirements for entering another country are taken care of prior to departure. Border controls are quite stringent throughout south east Asia. So, having all your travel documents organised along with any money you’d need to enter the country with you will pave the way for a pleasant stay. 


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